Cedar Shoe Trees

  • The cedar shoe trees take care of your shoes when you're not wearing them
  • A combination of expandable split toe and hook heel preserves the shape which makes them last longer
  • They neutralize odors and absorbs moisture thanks to its wood materials
  • As well as being good for your shoes they also have an elegant look with brass-plated metal and naturally reforested aromatic cedar

If your shoes have any value to you, they should be preserved cedar with shoe trees. Shoe trees work well for all styles of footwear and are something that many look past. Why would I need that? My shoes a perfectly fine without any shoe trees, or maybe, you're being naive. If you're a true gentleman you already know that you need to have shoe trees at home. This preserves the shape of the shoe to keep them lasting longer. Moreover, they absorb moisture and removes odors keeping your shoes fresh and long lasting. These shoe trees are designed with a combination of hook heel and expandable split toe. The expandable toe that splits makes sure that the shoes don't get any cave-in or wrinklings. Ideal for all styles of footwear that even reduces odors while keeping the shape of your nice shoes. As well as being good for your shoes they also look elegant with brass-plated metal hardware. The manufacturer has experience in making over 750 shoe and foot care products worldwide. They develop new products and produces these themselves. Afterward, the products are being distributed and marketed by the same company. It doesn't come as any surprise that the result from the manufacturer Moneysworth & Best is high-quality shoe products. The shoe trees you see here is made from the finest, naturally reforested aromatic cedar. Come packed in a box which also makes them a great gift. It could be a gift to yourself in the future. Do you take care of your shoes? Pat yourself on the shoulder!

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~ $20




Classic Wood Umbrella

  • Traditional umbrella for the gentleman with a classic wooden crook handle
  • 48 inches wide canopy, providing full coverage and protect you from the elements
  • Intuitive and convenient features, from automatic opening and a wide tie for easy storage
  • The manufacturer Totes offers a lifetime warranty

Every gentleman needs to have a classic umbrella at home, do not let the rain ruin your elegance. This black umbrella is of high quality at a good price and it has classic wood material. You can open it automatically with the touch of a button. The umbrella has been produced with a water repellency application so it stays drier and it's made of 100% Nylon Canopy. As we all know, umbrellas are functional and stylish rainy day accessories which you can mix and match with your outfits. If you are looking for one that can be both functional and stylish, you'll want to consider this classic umbrella. It is an umbrella where classic design meets supreme durability. Which makes it great for men who are looking for functional accessories

Cherry Wood Tray Desk Drawer

  • A practical and stylish addition to any man's dresser in an elegant cherry wood color
  • The tray drawer acts perfectly as a nightstand, desk or dresser for a gentleman
  • Equipped with 8 compartments making it easy to keep track of everything
  • Organize your keys, watches, coins, jewelry and other men’s accessories in one neat place

A tray desk drawer with lots of compartments promises the new organized you. No more misplacing keys will occur as the desk drawer has a unique design with 8 compartments to store all your valuable knickknackery. Storing your keys, watch, pen and jewelry in one place has never been this organized. The dresser drawer coin case provides an ideal catch-all as you empty your pockets from all the coins, peppermints, and wrinkled little notes. Your smartphone, earphones, and phone charger can be stored in this one neat dresser desk. The Cherry Wood Tray Desk Drawer also features a separate compartment with a lid for increased security and protection, suitable for a man who wants to make sure their

Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag

  • The Vetelli Dopp Kit is made of high-grade leather and canvas lining with a luxury vintage style from Italian designers
  • Makes traveling for gentlemen easier with its hanging toiletry function, 4 internal pockets, and compact folding design
  • Vetelli includes a lifetime guarantee for all their men toiletry bags

As a gentleman, you need to be prepared for everything. For that, you need some basic accessories, such as a classic toiletry travel bag. First, let's start with a question. What would you choose, practicality or style? Between those two, which one are you willing to sacrifice for the other? The good news is, you don’t need to choose one. Take a look at the Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag. It's not only a practical toiletry travel bag but radiates prestige and luxury. Designated by Vetelli’s designers, there is nothing quite like this hanging toiletry kit on the market. We have surfed around and searching for the best traveling toiletry bag for men on the Internet. If you manage to find a better one, let us k

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

  • Classic is undoubtedly the word that comes to mind with the Wayfarer by Ray-Ban
  • High protection for your eyes with 100% UV protection and anti-reflective coating
  • Made in Italy and there is no doubt about the quality
  • There are many different sizes and frames to choose from

The classic Wayfarer was introduced in 1952 and have since then been a favorite in Hollywood movies, both on and off the screen. Celebrities and figures such as Bob Dylan and Tom Cruise have made the Wayfarer sunglasses cool and timeless. Ray-Ban, as everyone knows, is the world's most iconic eyewear brand and is a global leader in its sector. There are many ways for a gentleman to look cool and stylish. One of them is by wearing sunglasses. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can look cool and stylish. Are you looking for a pair of classic sunglasses? If the answer is yes, you want to take a look at this pair of Wayfarer sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses is both classic and have a durable construction. Offering 100% UV protection and anti-reflective

Wooden Suit Hangers

  • Your suits deserve the best, these hangers are sturdy and well-constructed in hardwood with a glossy finish of brass
  • They have a curved form that mimics the shape of your body and help to preserve the integrity of your garments throughout storage
  • Featuring locking pant bar and two notches for securing your pants and the option of hanging straps

A high-quality wooden hanger provided by Great American Hanger Company that will not bend under the weight of a garment is what a man need to hang his suit jackets. As the hanger will not bend, your garment will look as luxurious as it was before. This means that the hanger extends the life of your clothing since no bending means no damage to the fabric of your clothing. No chance of bending also makes the wooden hanger to last longer than other hangers made of plastic or wire. The wrong hanger can make your professional suit jacket looks stretched and worn out, but it won’t be the case with Wooden Suit Hangers. Laying out your suit jacket on the hanger the night before will leave you wi

Motorized Revolving Tie & Belt Rack

  • This motorized revolving rack allows your ties and belts to spin before your eyes with the touch of a button
  • Compact design that fits all standard closets and easy to rotate forward and backward
  • Equipped with automatic built-in LED light and can hold more than 72 ties, belts, and other accessories 

TechTools motorized revolving tie rack is easy to install, will save you time and keep your ties looking great. You need to be well organized and be able to pick out the right tie with your suit and shirt for work or any other special occasions. Because you're a gentleman and a gentleman should have many ties at home. It takes time to find and pick out the right tie to your suit. You need to find it, untangle it from other neckwear hanging on the hangers and probably iron and/or steam it because the tie is wrinkled. No need to do all of these, fortunately. There is a tool that will make picking the perfect tie a lot easier. This automatic tie rack can spin both forward and backward, enabling the tie to pass by slowly. It comes with white L

Breathable Garment Bag Covers

  • Three premium garment bag with breathable garment a water-resistant shoe bag
  • Sturdy and breathable making them good for long-term storage of clothes
  • The bags keep them dust free and neat, they also have a window to know what's inside 
  • Offers 100% refund if you are not satisfied with these high-quality garment covers

A real gentleman takes good care of his clothes. With this set of three garment bags, you can feel comfortable when traveling with your fine clothing. These garment covers are sturdy and still breathable making them great for long-term storage of your clothes. You also have a clear plastic window that makes it easy to identify the type of clothing inside the cover and you get a water-resistant shoe bag. Additional features are reinforced hanger openings and full-length zippers which ensure they will last a long time. Ever heard that you should never store your nice suits in dry cleaner plastic bags? Well, it’s bad for your clothes. Have you also heard that the rarely worn suits and delicate fabri

Powell Marquis Cherry Valet

  • Elegant valet stand that makes it easy to lay out all your clothes for the next day, that small act will save you a lot of time in the morning
  • Features a "Marquis Cherry" finish with black lining and storage for clothes and knickknackery 
  • Keep all your clothes wrinkle free and prepared for the next day

An ample storage of a valet stand that is Powell Marquis Cherry valet allows you to organize a full set of clothes for your morning routine. A drawer separates the center bar and the top hanger, allowing for enough space to lay up clothes on every part without bunching them up. The center bar, or also called the trouser bar, serves as a holder for your folded pair of pants, belt, and tie. The hanger is where your suit jacket can stay wrinkle free for the next day. The drawer is where you put your watch, ring, or other knickknackery that add value to your professional look. Every man who wants their routine of dressing up for the day free from a mess and stress should know that he can achieve that by getting the help from Powell Marquis

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