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American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses

  • Original military pilot sunglasses made with military specifications and performance
  • Metal frame with bayonet temples provides solid support and enhanced comfort
  • Issued to millions of U.S. soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen since 1958
  • These are the first sunglasses to land on the moon
  • Made in USA

It is one of the most classic and legendary eyewear since the 1958 and it has been mostly used by the soldiers, marines, sailors, and also airmen. Looking great doesn’t always require you to spend a fortune. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that you can really look great with an inexpensive fashion piece – and it is coming from the one of the world-class eyewear manufacturers in the world, the American Optical. First of all, you will love a lot of things about this eyewear design. The sunglass is definitely looking classic and sophisticated with the bayonet temples for an improved style. Not to mention that it has a solid construction and look with comfortable adjustment since it was originally designe

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses

  • Great eyewear for outdoor activities
  • Feature cable temples, for a more secure fit and enhanced brow bar
  • Scratch resistant and impact resistant crystal lenses with 100% UV protection
  • Includes one-year warranty

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses has a meticulous, original style and brings even more character to a shape, as iconic as the Original Aviator Sunglasses. These sunglasses feature crystal lenses, cable temples, for a more secure fit and enhanced brow bar. It is indeed a bold take on a timeless style while being a great eyewear for outdoor activities. You can choose either black or gold frame for this sunglasses. And not only that, the lenses are also prescription ready. In fact, you can pick a frame and lenses color combination to match your attire. Or, you can go with the classic color option. Either way, when you wear Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses, you will feel and look great. Wear this pair of sunglasses and protect your eyes while you enjoy the bright daylight. Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses frame is made of metal. Don&

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

  • The Classic Clubmaster sunglasses from Ray-Ban will not let you down
  • Polarized sunglasses with semi-rimless frame provide great vision
  • The sunglasses come in different sizes and dimensions to fit all people
  • You can achieve different kinds of styles with this eyewear – from edgy and classic to modern and contemporary

These Clubmaster sunglasses even get the ugliest guy to look great with the best quality materials from Ray-Ban. Just because most people wear the cheap and inexpensive sunglasses, it doesn’t mean that you should be put off with it. Yes, cheesy and cheap sunglasses with the low-quality construction and made can be found easily but why should you bother with such thing if you can get the high-quality item with the Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses? Remember that Ray-Ban is always associated with class and style and this Clubmaster type won’t be different. Looking stylish doesn’t always cost you a fortune. When you want to look fashionably good with these glasses, you don’t have to dig

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

  • Classic is undoubtedly the word that comes to mind with the Wayfarer by Ray-Ban
  • High protection for your eyes with 100% UV protection and anti-reflective coating
  • Made in Italy and there is no doubt about the quality
  • There are many different sizes and frames to choose from

The classic Wayfarer was introduced in 1952 and have since then been a favorite in Hollywood movies, both on and off the screen. Celebrities and figures such as Bob Dylan and Tom Cruise have made the Wayfarer sunglasses cool and timeless. Ray-Ban, as everyone knows, is the world's most iconic eyewear brand and is a global leader in its sector. There are many ways for a gentleman to look cool and stylish. One of them is by wearing sunglasses. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can look cool and stylish. Are you looking for a pair of classic sunglasses? If the answer is yes, you want to take a look at this pair of Wayfarer sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses is both classic and have a durable construction. Offering 100% UV protection and anti-reflective

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

  • The classic aviator sunglasses is something every gentleman should have
  • This is the type of classic sunglasses that can make you feel good, really improve your appearance and style, and gives a true attractive result
  • For most people, these aviator sunglasses have the right dimension and size. They aren’t too small or too big – they just feel right
  • If you are looking for a combination of vintage, edgy, and modern look without overdoing it and making it cheesy, this is the right sunglasses to wear

There are a lot of sunglasses out there and yet the ones from Ray-Ban somehow manage to stay on the top spot – because of several good reasons. If you are looking for a classic and yet stylish sunglass that can improve your look in the simplest manner, then you should be looking for the classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. After all, it is not a sunglass; it is a statement fashion item that is a guarantee to boost your performance, appearance, and self-confidence to the highest level. You can even feel like a different p

Persol Folding Sunglasses

  • Features Persol's iconic Supreme Arrow metal temple hinges
  • Mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating offers 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Designed for comfort and convenience, requiring 10 additional working steps compared to the production of other Persol models
  • Handmade in Italy, Persol cleaning cloth, leather case, and documentation included
  • Folding frame design

Persol Folding Sunglasses is an excellent pair of sunglasses. If you wear it, just prepare yourself to get compliments from strangers. Why? Well, because it does look great. It gives you a cool, stylish image. Persol Folding Sunglasses comes with plastic, folding frame design, anti-reflective coating as well as the iconic Supreme Arrow metal temple hinges. The plastic, folding frame design ensures you a light, comfortable pair of eyeglasses. The anti-reflective coating provides you protection against UVA and UVB rays. The m

Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses

  • A modernized wayfarer sunglasses from Ray-Ban
  • With a lightweight, yet thick and durable frame
  • Crystal lenses with 100% UV protection to prevent damaging sun glare
  • Ray-Ban shows that they continuously keep evolving for today's fashion demands

Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses is a pair of thick, resin-crafted sunglasses with 100% UV rays protection, which protects your eyes from the damaging sun glare. Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses is basically a modernized wayfarer. Yes, it is a stylish, versatile and totally fashion-forward sunglasses. The sunglasses come with clean lines, making it stand out while its sleek ear pieces, integrated nose pads as well as its UV lenses, proves its wearability and comfort it brings. Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses frame is made of acetate plastic. Don’t be mistaken, though. While it is a plastic, it is well-known for being durable yet weighs lightly. Indeed. You can hardly feel it when you wear it. Also, when you wear it, you don’t have to worry about the UV rays that can damage your eyes.

ATTCL Hot Polarized Sunglasses

  • Durable sunglasses for the outdoorsman
  • Aluminum magnesium metal alloy frame makes them strong yet very light
  • Polarized glass lens with UV protection ensures the best vision
  • Developed to withstand all kinds of outdoor activities

Need a pair of sunglasses for your outdoor activities? Try ATTCL Hot Polarized Sunglasses. ATTCL offers high-quality, fashionable and coolest sunglasses to accompany you in your outdoor activities. This pair of sunglasses is specifically designed for those who love outdoor activities. That includes running, cycling, skiing, climbing, fishing to trekking and even, racing. This is because ATTCL Hot Polarized Sunglasses has aluminum magnesium metal alloy for its frame, allowing it to be strong yet very light. Yes, you can hardly feel this pair of sunglasses as it weighs only 20 grams. Yet, it is unbreakable. Again, a perfect company for your outdoor activities. Moreover, ATTCL Hot Polarized Sunglasses also comes with UV protection and polarized lens. Both of which will be useful for you. First, the UV protec

Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses

  • The Classic Retro Round design with a 100% metallic frame
  • Defined round crystal lenses and distinct shape
  • Inspired by the 1960s counter-culture when this style first originated
  • Made by Ray-Ban, which assures only the best quality

Looking for a classic pair of sunglasses to wear? Check this item out, the Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses has a good quality, been worn by legendary musicians and will surely make a statement for your fashion and style. It comes with just the right opacity, which means that you can wear it in just about any lighting conditions. Through these sunglasses, everything looks crisp. Thanks to its distinct shape and defined round crystal lenses, this pair of sunglasses is very comfortable and light to wear. Due to its size, you can bring it anywhere. Just make sure that you put it in its case. When you see the Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses for the first time, you might think that this pair of sunglasses looks small. However, after you wear it, you will know that this is not true. Afte

Persol PO Sunglasses

  • A favorite among celebrities for its impeccable fit and incredible clarity
  • Iconic Supreme Arrow metal temple hinges
  • Green anti-reflective lenses provide clear vision blocking glare and adapting to any type of light
  • Includes patented Meflecto temples, ensuring a secure fit
  • 100% UV protection

Want to complement your style and looks? Check out the Persol PO Sunglasses. Made by Persol, a well-known brand known for its innovative eyewear. These sunglasses have been worn by celebrities, such as Adam Levine and Jake Gyllenhaal. And, of course, they will look good on you. It is a great way to complement your style and fashion. Persol PO Sunglasses is designed for men as it has classic masculine shape. It looks great for just about every man. Yes, including those who have a larger head. The sunglasses rectangular lenses are great on a square, round, heart and oval face shapes. It is also available in various colors and with prescription lenses. Persol PO Sunglasses comes with patented Meflecto temples, ensuring a secure fi

Ray-Ban Tech Light Ray Sunglasses

  • Featuring the blue nylon frame and titanium temples merged with the iconic wayfarer front design
  • Have gray gradient lenses with a smooth transition of the same color and UV protection
  • Modern Ray-Ban sunglasses that works in whatever setting and condition
  • These sunglasses is ultra light and thin yet durable

Looking for a way to look super stylish with a classic do and yet you don’t want to overdo it? Do you want to improve your own look and style without making yourself look cheesy in the end? Do you want a stylish fashion piece that will make you look cool without making you look cheesy in the end? If most of your answers are yes, then you will definitely love this Ray-Ban Tech Light Ray Sunglasses. First of all, it is Ray-Ban so you know what kind of quality you are getting. These Ray-Ban tech sunglasses is patented with a mono-block hinge which requires no screws or welding. It is made in Italy so that the quality of it is not be doubted anymore. It will add the style of the men in this era because of the class

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Sunglasses

  • A popular sunglass design with the vintage inspiration from Oliver Peoples
  • The sunglasses come with a transparent frame and photochromatic lenses which adjust to changing light conditions
  • Its three barrel hinge makes the structure and frame durable
  • Features anti-reflective coating and 100% UVA/UVB protection 

These round frame vintage-inspired sunglasses has a unique transparent frame and photochromatic lenses which become darker and lighter depending on the light condition. Its plastic frame feels good on your nose and ears – it feels comfortable without the added weight. The photochromatic lens is super comfy and protects your eyes from all harmful light. The unique aspect of the sunglasses is the round frame which is quite odd when you see it for the first time but it has this vintage look that you may love! Moreover, the sunglasses come with all the right precision such as 23 mm for the bridge, 47 mm for the lens width, and 150 mm for the arms' length. If you are looking for the eyewear that will ma


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